Source Code Life Coaching

“It takes a good amount of courage to take a good look at yourself, and an even greater power to initiate change.”

The Practice

Hi there, my name is Carlos Andromeda, and I’m here to tell you about how having a life coach can really make a positive impact on your life, here and now.

Through my practice, Source Code Life Coaching, I help you to discover what the root cause of your conflicts in life are and to find a way forward that makes sense for who you want to be and how you desire to express yourself.

Often-times, though it may not be easy, it is important to see how to take more responsibility in our lives for the outcomes, and through such techniques as NLP and Appreciative Inquiry it is possible to accelerate this process in a way that results in more awareness, and more beneficial results in your life that align with who you are and what you are truly capable of.