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Mission Abundance

Considering the massive potential of Exponential Technology and finding ourselves at a nexus in the space-time continuum where what we do with our energy for synergy over the coming years will have a truly massive impact on the future of global civilisation, The Transition, we eventually come to the following:

  1. How can we maximally potentiate and optimise ourselves for the 21st Century(Age of Information) and for the foreseeable future?
  2. How can we avoid the dystopian futures of ‘Bad AI’ or ‘Data Overload’ and continue curating and connecting with the greatest and most abundance filled, omnipositive, omniconsiderate future?

Through expansion of our resourcefulness, passion filled experiences, contribution to the collective good, futuristic outlook, and focus on the signal over the noise, we are bringing about the adequate and expansive answers to these questions, providing us the inspiration, passion, and orientation to continue bringing our dreams of greater Qualia(quality of life) to life, both for ourselves and our human family.

Collective Evolution

The most effective way of ensuring maximal success in our answers to these questions is to put an effective end to all the needless SLOWA(searching, learning, organising, working, and advertising) that is happening that pulls so much of our life away from us.


Technologically this can be accomplished through the curation of up-regulating conscious dialogue between the life we want to be living and our devices, having the emergence of a comprehensive Connectome (Platform for Human Potentiation) and APAD(Autopoetic Planetary Abundance Disambiguation).

Why and How

This is simultaneously empowering us to avoid dystopian AI futures and also emerge powerfully out of our current situation, which is that of drowning in exponentially expanding data/information; Finding and sharing the signal, over the noise.


To extend our abilities of consideration and effective action in life and evolution that expand and sustain our continued thriving into the future.

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We are open to all synergies.

If anything else,

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