About Connectome

We all want the best experience of life that we could possibly have, often striving and spending great lengths of time to discover simply what the best option of choice is.

But, what if instead of spending our time doing searching, learning, organizing, working and receiving advertisement that has already been done, Interfacing with our distractions autonomically and excessively, we easily had access to all the best opportunities first hand that was organised and directed by us to massively increase our quality of life based on crowd-sourced metrics that were verified by the collective, and all this information came to you in an easily manageable way by simply selecting the next best possible thing you could do, from say a top 3 list?

Theoretically, your device now will fully understand what you want in your life, know the best of what is available to you, integrates the context of your life, and can plan the trajectory of your actions while keeping you focused on what is truly important to you.

What People Say

Follow your heart and intuition, everything else is secondary

Steve Jobs

Serve the conscious user, and all else will follow


The real possibility of a completely benign, and Omni-benevolent Skynet

An Observer

Let’s build something together