Resource Optimization

How can we radically optimize the use of our time, money, and energy to increase our Qualia(quality of life)?

So to begin, what is Qualia really? Not, what could it be defined as or by, but what is it?


To understand this in its completeness, and curate a sensible and integrative perspective, we can understand that we have measurable Sentience(Sensing), Intelligence(Sense-Making), and Agency(Acting), which when integrated are simply the degree to which we make sense of and act in/on our environment to transform it.

Sometimes those actions lead us to a more habitable place, and sometimes not.

Always with everything is the choice: More Qualia or Less Qualia. And, the degree to which we are considerate of the probable streams of outcome is the degree to which we are able to upregulate Qualia; Omniconsideration.

What this really means though is that this captures everything we do and means that we can, therefore, quantify and optimize its influences for the emergence of Qualia.



the degree to which you are acting synergistically through your mind and body to upregulate Sentience, Intelligence, and Agency as the nexus of connection between you and the outside world(Relationships and Environment) will be the degree to which you receive Qualia.

Let’s get this straight:

Acting Power: Time, Energy, Money…

Acting on: Mind, Body, Relationships, Environment.

Optimized for: Sentience, Intelligence, Agency.

Upregulating: Qualia(Quality of Life)


Meaning that if we wish to influence our quality of life, the answer to any question of this nature will be found in one of these categories:

Software, Hardware, Connection.


Mind, Body, Relationships, Environment.



And, whenever you are at a point where you believe that these areas are satisfied, you will be empowered in your creative expression!


This may be a little confounding at first, but let me start by giving you the two best distinctions that I know of to keep you in this optimal frame of reference.

“The only time to act or spend is in the improvement of my experience, and the letting go of all things that no longer serve my essential Qualia.”

On top of these two essentially foundational distinctions is everything else, that being the optimization of the things you do to keep improving.

The best two places that I know of to start with this are with “The Foundational Guide to Neurohacking“, and with the continuation and upregulation of all life on earth that supports this being possible in the first place!

Obviously, joining us on the mission and journey of abundanceconomics would radically transform and increase all of these.


Also, in the near future, we will eventuate an autonomized system called a Conscious AI Shell that will empower you to create your life experience to a much greater degree by integrating mountains of intelligent data to have emerge the best life experience you could imagine through focusing on Individual Resourcefulness, Awesome Experience, and Collective Contribution. This will help us put an effective end to the needless Searching, Learning, Organizing, and Working (SLOW)(So last Century) and empower us to live a life full of Knowing and Flowing with all that is an ought to be.

Stay tuned and stay inspired,



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