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There is an itch we all have to scratch, to bring about the change that we wish to see in the world.

And  desire, immediacy, and need, to step into being, /and positive action;

Yuval Noah Harari

coming in                                                       at an acceleratory rate;

exponential technologies-converging

rapidly co-evolving

Implications are explanatorilymanifold and expansive. it’s up to us to pick up our pants

Politicians have very little control over technology

are only truly able to subtly direct some choices made and effectively redistribute a very small portion of wealth created which doesn’t make much sense because without humanity and all its labourers and intellectuals, the environment that is our home, and its limited amenities, the entirety of the system would not even be able to continue into the future.

Organized Chaos and Confusion as Political Control

While it may be that the people who own the DATA have true power in directing this evolution, it is us, awoken humanity, standing together, through the emergence of intelligent governance and smart contracts that we now have the opportunity to impact an Omni-Positive future.

Our Vision for connecting local levels of infrastructure with what is really technologically possible, at any point in time globally, can be found

@Abundance Emergence

, and a much deeper understanding of the future  that we want to create and why we desire and need to create it, can be obtained at Civilization Emerging

Thankfully, there is now a place for us to bring our energy to satisfy this itch and move beyond our problems to face them re-framed as Global Grand Challenges X Ascension

We are a global community, and we say that all people, in all places,  are more now than ever needed, to add their voice, and their initiative, to the collective force that is shaping our future.

The world is for you exactly what you perceive it to be, and can become for you the greatest you can imagine it to be. Let your voice be heard, your actions seen, and your contribution felt.

Here is a short clip explaining why it is that I chose to get involved and active with the Global Shapers, sub to the World Economic Forum!

When you find, your Self;

You will find, your Passion;

And in turn, your Humanity


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