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Collective Neurohacking Revolution

Possibly what we are most interested in as an individual is how to best answer the question:

How can I take the most effective actions to make the most incredible impact on my ability to be resourceful?

That is our Sentience(Sensing), Intelligence(Sense-Making), and Agency(Influence).

In the past, we may have answered this with something like: ‘Take up an instrument’ or to ‘Learn some other new skill’, and while these kinds of instantiated answers still have merit and efficacy, we are coming to find what it looks like to answer this question more accurately and effectively.

It all starts with organizing ourselves to be aware of all the things that actually most greatly impact our ‘resourcefulness’ already:


and continues with an exploration of the interconnectivity of it all:

Because, as we know, the degree to which we are considerate of the complexities and interdependencies of our shared reality is exactly the degree to which we are really able to make a considerable impact on it.

Part of that is putting our collectively shared myths to rest:

Neurohacking & The Myth of Mental Illness

Another is instilling and cultivating our passion:

Education < Passion = Transformation

Building our 21st Century SkillSet: Adaptability

21st Century Skills

We could also…

Individual Resource Optimization – Coming soon!

Once we’ve reached that, all that is left is to learn how to ask the right questions

Cultivating a Culture of Creativity (+EPQ)

When you find, your Self;

You will find, your Passion;

And in turn, your Humanity

“You know everything you need to know, to create everything you desire”


Maybe we should learn how to navigate our reality in abundance too

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