Cultivating a Culture of Creativity

You’ve probabilistically found by now that conversations begin, carry, and end in all kinds of ways and that the kinds of questions we ask tend to determine the quality of the results we obtain!

You likely may have also observed that our world is made up of systems nested within systems and that this is all very complex and interconnected in more ways than we could possibly hope to imagine, or could we?


It’s important to realize within all this chaos and complexity that our focus is of course not of problem-solving or solution-patching, but that of emergence. Or as Einstein best put it, “We can’t solve our problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”.

Emergence is a core phenomenon described in systems science as complexity from simplicity. ‘The root of all things complex is something simple’.


For more on emergence check out this great video by Kurzgesagt:

Or this one by Complexity Labs:

Peter Diamandis, the founder of Xprize and co-founder of Singularity University, has popularized the concept of an MTP (Massively Transformative Purpose) and while extremely useful, it may be one step ahead of the game it is playing.

You see, an MTP is proposed to be something that brings together people who have similar passions and infuses them with a sense of urgency and direction, while the game it is playing is that of holding dynamic and powerful space for the emergence of something incredible through the inspiration and invigoration of a people(‘Creative Culture’).

So you can see that an MTP is really an answer when what people really need in order to be inspired is the right question!


Enter EPQ…

The EPQ (epic/evolving perpetual query) is a powerful device for the deep-rooted systemic emergence of incredible answers to incredible questions. It empowers this through holding the space for people to show up as their best selves.

As the game we are playing is of holding dynamic and powerful space for the emergence of something incredible through the inspiration and invigoration of a people, an EPQ always begins,

“How can we…?”


The beauty and supremacy of such a statement lie in how it leaves dynamic and adaptive space for creativity, and the autopoietic emergence of a culture where ‘the best idea wins’.

Creative Culture; Complexity from simplicity; Emergence;

Whatever the case may be, whether it is, “How can we bring love and laughter to our family?”, or “How can we reach escape velocity and jump to a Universe beyond our own in order to sustain life?”, the value and power are the same; The possibility is implicitly stated, and because we live in a UniVerse of probability and not of ultimate design, it is through the space that we hold through our perception, expectation, and expression that we are determining and designing our collective reality; Consciousness: The Q and the A.


Nonverbosly put, the simple implicit rules which are wrapped up inside of:

“How can we…?”

can and should be used to potentiate the emergence of the most incredible adventures in technology we have yet to collectively imagine.




When you find, your Self;

You will find, your Passion;

And in turn, your Humanity




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