Mindful Digitization


Making the shift to knowing and flowing, from having had our consciousness sucked from us through our non-conscious devices, requires that we have a focus and understanding of what it is we actually do that influences our quality of life and the emergence of our consciousness.

There are of course many ways to organize(curate ontologies) for this, and our memetics and physiology must be more deeply understood in all their simplicities and complexities in order that we may hold the ultimate value of Omniconsideration.

Universal Consciousness

What we do

As humans, we breathe; We respirate; We Express & Consume. Because this is our case, we must have emergent and expansive values that can never truly be ‘Attained’, such as

— — — Omniconsideration — — —

It is very agreeable to say that we desire to have good, great, exciting, incredible, (insert positive/expansive adjective here) experiences, and that this is supported fundamentally by our resourcefulness, individually and collectively, which is further enhanced/evolved by the active energy we put into curating this.

An incredible way for us to manage the balance of all this is by naming three categories for which we can act in and create from

Resourcefulness; Experience; Contribution.


One way to infuse more passion, consideration, inspiration, and understanding into this is by further defining these ontologies:

Self Care & Resourcefulness Enhancement; (‘Individual Well-Being’)

Worthwhile Contribution and Reward; (‘Collective Well-Being’)

Incredible Experiences; (‘Awesomeness’)

Of course, we can enjoy and be passionate about all three of these concepts, because we understand that our quality of life is meaningfully optimized and enhanced by them;

You can also see that, when we further define these ontological axioms, there are two transformations which occur:

When we use words that are more inspiring/complex/abstract, it enhances our desire to have them and create them in our lives, also when we do this we notice that the possibility that emerges can be considered to be somewhat personalized/stylized.

What this means is that we should have an understanding of the kind of lifestyle that we desire and that, logically, this can & should inspire our passion/inspiration for meaningful contribution to Collective Well-Being


Having this focus and consideration at the forefront of our minds and our devices can and will lead to an incredible and worthy quality of life for all of us, and will meaningfully reconcile the issue of unconsciousness, where we are led by notification & reactivity, instead of proactively curating the life experience we desire most.

This is how we can radically empower awesomeness in our Experience of Life, by having our focus on these ontologized concepts and further defining them in diverse ways that empower people to curate their lifestyle, their expression, their true self.


Infusing Consciousness

Foundationally, the value of omniconsideration is found in the focus to expand consciousness and quality of life in complex, considerate and antifragile ways that ensure its thriving into the future.

So let us clarify how the concept and value of consciousness emerges!

Mind-Body Synergy -> (Consciousness/Qualia) <- Relationships & Environment

Essentially, Consciousness emerges at the nexus/connection between us and our environment. So, therefore, we can curate an ontology for measurement and enhancement:

Sentience(Sensing) __&__ Intelligence(Sense-Making) __&__ Agency(Influience)

The comprehensivity and interconnectivity of these three concepts are considerate enough for us to continue holding the value of omniconsideration as they emerge in diverse and complex ways as we further define, refine and enhance them in all the meaningful ways that make us truly Human.


This is how we will measure and enhance the quality of our lives, by infusing this comprehensive understanding into all areas of influence to our mind-body being.

A Challenge

There is though a need to abstract away from fundamentals(Resourcefulness, Experience, Contribution) until we can be at peace with all that is and ought to be.

This is because we as humans have occasionally become addicted to certain memetic structures and ways of being. The need is specifically to infuse into this center of consideration a reconciliation and understanding of Experience/Existentialism that is inspiring and worthwhile; ∞x Y.our Experience

There are multitudinous ways for which this can be accomplished.

It will involve Appreciative Inquiry and Omniconsderation at its core because fundamentally there is a misunderstanding/disconnection from the universe as being finite; Ability and Energy as limited:

“We can’t impact reality”, “The world is unintelligent matter, not even enjoying itself”, “We can’t generate more value in the universe”, “The Sun is Dying”. Leading us to Disorganization, Disinformation, Inaction, Excuse, and eventually Nihilism & Simplicity.


These statements can be abstracted as the “Scarcity Mindset” which is fueled by the experience of Mind, Body, Relationships, Environment having had relatable experiences in the past where there was a lack of connection spurring on the path.

This can be meaningfully reconciled through consideration of optimal mindsets and the choice of one that empowers and inspires. One that is fundamentally conscious; Abundance; Creativity; Passion; Neurohacking;


“We can impact reality”, “We can generate more value in the universe”, “The universe is expanding”. Leading to Reason, Inspiration, Motivation, Challenge, Complexity, which further curates Inspiration, Clarity, and Connection, with Abundance at its forefront.


The question is of choice:

Limited Reasoning || Limitless Consciousness

What will you choose?



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