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Conscious Resonance

The talks about finding your ‘Resonant Frequency’ or ‘Essential Frequency’ are becoming more and more prevalent each day, but what the heck is this?

Well, essentially, your essential frequency is when you feel most like yourself.

What?! Aren’t I always myself???

Well yes, but sometimes you feel more like the you that you know you’d like to be if you knew what it was that brought them about and who exactly it was you’d be capable of being that you wish you were more of more of the time……

Okay, so it’s like the vision that I have for my best self???


Let us clarify.


The best-known understanding of your ‘Essential Frequency’ is you when you are relaxed and centered in your physiology and you feel at ease with all that is and ought to be; Relaxed Aliveness.

Yes, maybe you can hear that the super-bacon may be becoming a little too crispy around the edges, but that is totally okay because you’ve already learned the lesson and made recalculations for how much time you will actually have to catch Pokemon during your next iteration of ‘Gotta Catch’em and bacon simultaneously’ all while you are walking back over to the frying pan. #Futurist

You’re being is completely at ease with what is now, and fully open to creating the future you desire. You realize that you are here now and that it is what you do now that matters.

So how can we deepen this? How can we fundamentally enhance the we that we ought to be all the time??

Well, the most foundational part of this is learning to sense more deeply for what really brings this state about for you; The answers are within; This is your guiding light, your Rosetta Stone.

Another is finding your ‘Resonant Frequencies‘ balancing the influences of your Mind, Body, Relationships, and environment in the ways where the time you spend improving in each area has the greatest lasting impact on the synergy of your mind-body and you find out how often is best for curating this lasting elevated state of consciousness.

The goal here is to have a set of always changing/improving/evolving/transforming things that you do at regular intervals(lengths of time) that bring you into focus and empower you to show up in more meaningful ways for your life and your loved ones; A Dynamically Adaptive Autoupregulating Pursuit of Elevated Resourcefulness, or DAAPER, for short.


Call it what you will;

Call it what you like.

Don’t be a suck;

Keep being awesome.



Awesome Things



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