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EPQ (Epic Perpetual Query): ‘Creative Culture’

How can we come to know and flow with all that is and ought to be, both for ourselves and for humanity?

MTP (Massivly Transformative Purpose)

To end all needless and life sucking searching, learning, and organizing, opening the possibility door for making life more about living, through upregulation and expression of knowing and flowing, seamlessly.

Consciousness, possibly the ultimate of values alongside Omniconsideration. Meaning that all the beautiful things which emerge and we experience in life are hardwired to these concepts; Qualia.


And yet, we still find ourselves tapping on the screens of our devices, for even the majority of our time, often losing track of what it even is that we went there to do;

So, what is the problem really? And what is it that is the true reason for us to be using these devices in the first place?

When we can meaningfully clarify these two things, it will allow us to begin the necessary phase shift that will give us back our consciousness.


The Challenge

Fundamentally, the challenge that we are experiencing is of two sources; Bandwidth Constraint & Information Sorting Ability.

Interestingly, these are the two things that these devices actually radically enhance, though, at the cost of our attention and ability to focus; Decreasing our ability to make large-scale conscious decisions about our lives.

So, we aren’t getting rid of these things anytime soon, because they are just so darn good at what they do, but what is that, again?

The Purpose

So, why do we want all that information sorted, and why do we want it faster, and faster?

The answer is really that at the core of it all, what we really want is a greater quality of life;


Of course, this notion of desiring greater Qualia becomes somewhat obsolete in the presence of self-actualization, but one can certainly argue that even once ‘Actualized’, your greatest sense of value still comes from a relative valuation of you and your peers.


Two things.

What specifically is this ‘Qualia’ influenced by, and how can we optimize our impact on it through our autonomy/acting power(saving time)? Well interestingly enough, our degree of autonomy influences it and is influenced by it, so there is a loophole here that we can totally hack!

More specifically, the influences of our Qualia(quality of life), are the degree to which we have Sentience(sensing), Intelligence(sense-making), and Agency(influence), and, the degree to which we have these things is determined by how well we use our acting power(Time, Money, Energy, Knowledge) to balance and enhance(meaningfully optimize) the categories of influence available to us which are our Mind, Body, Relationships, and Environment.

We are noticing that when we enhance our Qualia, our Acting Power increases. What an awesome loop of consciousness! #exploittheloophole

Qualia / Love of Life


Sentience, Intelligence, Agency


Mind, Body, Relationships, Environment


Acting Power (Time, Money, Energy, Knowledge)


Of course, noticing that we reside and depend on Earth and all its amenities, it becomes obvious that in order to sustain and enhance our Qualia, we should probably also contribute to the well being of the whole. To make all this easier, we’ll curate an APAD(Autopoetic Planetary Abundance Disambiguation) alongside our AI Shell(Consciousness Enhancer).

In the meantime, let’s become awesome biohackers and cultivate an incredible passion for life and learn to navigate abundance.

Seriously, you too though! I’m sure that you have many awesome and powerful things to contribute, if you are reading posts like this often, and also, an imperative part of cultivating a sound mind is found through being creatively expressed; So however that looks for you, you can do it.


In the near future, we will post on “The Phase Shift”: How we are going to make this shift to knowing and flowing, while simultaneously upregulating our conscious experience.

For more on the possibility of consciousness and digitization, see Ray Kurzweil’s book: The Age of Spiritual Machines.


For now;

Let us Relax, a little more;

When you, find your Self;

You will, find your Passion;

And in turn, your Humanity…

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