Education < Passion = Transformation

You know you’ve found your passion when you superimpose streaks of firey reality akin to that of a shooting star; blazing through the night sky, and lighting up your life.


Previously, we curated a post on Reframing Education with a focus on asking great questions, which has turned into the EPQ(Epic Perpetual Query) which takes that a step further in enhancing our creativity as a society and as an individual.

A core principle / axiomatic value that can really help in being inspired to live our lives more creatively is to reframe our idea of education as the focus, recognizing that the desire to learn comes from cultivating a deep sense of Passion for some concept/ideal, about how we wish the world was; How it ought to be. It is therefore imperative for us to curate a vision individually and collectively that aids us in fueling that passion in the future and in the now.


On top of this, psychologically speaking, finding how to express ourselves creatively(ie. Finding your flow state) is a massive game changer for upregulating/enhancing all other mental faculties; Being in that flow state, where time disappears, dilating your perception and fusing you more intensely with reality is precisely where you want to be looking to find your Passion.

Incredible video on the philosophical concepts of flow: Jason Silva: Flow

“Cultivating your peak experience; finding your self.”

Finding, having, curating, and clarifying your Passion is extraordinarily helpful in being a conscious designer of the life experience.

Because we live in times where the pace of, what is considered, valuable information is changing more rapidly than most(if not all) institutions can keep up with, this curation of Passion to help lead us into the unknown/unforeseeable future is incredibly useful in creating a dynamically adaptive resilience to the Age of Information and complexity.


In one more video at an event in Vancouver BC, Jason Silva does an incredible job of describing(From Steven Kotler) in vivid philosophical detail, how to find your passion.

Essentially how it makes sense is that at first, we may have a hard time finding what our passions really are, so a great place to start is with writing down all of your interests, deciding what the top three are, and then seeing what is at the intersection of all three.


Curiousity -> Intersection/interrelatedness = Passion/Sense of Purpose

When you find, your Self;

You will find, your Passion;

And in turn, your Humanity



How to best share and inspire passion with those around you?

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