Conscious Abundance


“Is there a world in which we are fundamentally better off individually with synergy over conflict?”

For a long time, humanity has been in conflict with itself, singularly because having/perceiving scarce resources is autopoietic in nature and causes the emergence of people who seek power as a form of refuge from scarcity and inadvertently ramify the effects.

Let us explore an example:

Let’s say you have in your garage a drill, and let us further say that this drill has the best and most powerful motor of any drill in the world. Now, let us also say that your neighbor has a drill too, and this drill has the best and most comfortable grip in the world.

Okay, so you both have great drills right? Where is the problem?

Well, for starters, your neighbor is always unable to finish tough projects with hard wood, and you with your powerhouse of a drill have no problem with finishing projects, but your partner is always complaining about how rough and brutish your hands are from using the drill.

Okay so where is the problem really? What is the true source of these unfinished projects and reasonably complaining partners?

For this, we need to understand why it is that neither of you were able to purchase the greatest drill that had both the most powerful motor and the greatest, most comfortable, grip. The source is simply this: Because of seperate companies with seperate interests holding patents over technology, no one can actually have the best drill; It is simply not available in this economy where seperate interests are incentivized through manufactured / manipulated percieved scarcity.

So what is the better reality? And, how is it achievable?

It comes to reason that we must end the conflict of sperate interests through the obsoletion of the concept, with a new, fundamentally better for all parties, outcome that instead incentivizes synergy and the eventuation of a circular economy that empowers us to “Make it”, as Daniel S says, further curating a substantially greater quality of life for both individual and collective.

Where we all have access to great drills when we need them so that we can finish our challenging projects and satisfy our partners; #Fulfilment 😉

A big part of creating this new economics of abundance is giving the people who are contributing to it the sense and even the knowing, that what it is they are contributing is creating a measurable impact that will matter; Something that will truly add to, and have emerge, this ideal of Abundance.

This isn’t about constructing a ‘paradise’ or ‘perfect place’, it’s about giving up conflict and opting for the extraordinarily better form of reality that is upregulating sustainable abundance(which with automation and artificial intelligence could eventuate as something resembling a loose depiction of “Heaven on Earth“).


The only reason we have failed at this in the past is because we have not had the technology that enables us to balance and understand both what we need and what our world needs in order to have us thriving, but we are getting there.

Enter the Footprint Calculator.

The footprint calculator is the beginnings of what will allow us to do something called “Resource Accounting”. Resource Accounting is essentially the backbone and answer to “how do we measure the impact that companies and technologies have on the commons?”; The Commons being earth’s resources;


Earth’s Resources are finite and must be measured and accounted for if we are to sustain and enhance abundance; We are depleting them extraordinarily quickly, so it is imperative that we act now to both upregulate our individual Sentience, Intelligence, and Agency, as well as implement the necessary organization that will ensure civilization’s perpetuation, as opposed to its inevitable collapse if ignored.

Comprehensive Solution (APAD)

So back to the currently uninspiring nature of our issue, firstly, to discover our inspiration,

“We don’t know if what we are doing is the highest leverage action we could take to curate a meaningful phase shift(if it will actually go on to have a worthwhile impact)”.

So enter our EPQ(Epic Perpetual Query),

How can we, as humanity, collaborate on the radical potentiation of global technological advancement and local implementation, in coherence with sustainable abundance, to eventuate a circular economy that aborts scarcity and has abundance emerge?

Essentially what we need is a platform that organizes all of this and essentially gamifies the experience to incentivize organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals to contribute to this eventuation of abundance through a Circular Economy.

A collective, for the advancement, sharing, and competition of technology, liberating people from scarcity and curating an extraordinarily better reality.

The emergence of abundance from Globalization;

The true possibility steps fully into being with the curation of this as a platform that is easily accessible by anyone, anywhere, as The

Autopoetic Planetary Abundance Disambiguation, or APAD for short.

APAD for Humanity.

We will now venture to disambiguate this disambiguation in all its fundamental constituents:



Core Axioms – Antifragility

“All technologies and emergent systems of organizaton should seek to maximize and compete towards the greatest measurable net positive effect on: the state of earth’s resources(Lithosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere) as defined by the Optimal Attractor State, with increasing orders of complexity/diversity in each category of influience, and also the state of each individual’s Qualia(Quality of Life), defined by our abilities for Sentience, Intelligence, and Agency(The things that make us Human)

These core axioms are the necessary guiding principles to have the eventuation of a system of APAD that is Omniconsiderate.

Methodology & Technology

Optimal State Drivers(SD) & Balance Sheets(BS) (Incentivizing Complexity)

Planetary Resources (Litho, Bio, Hydro, and Atmosphere) (PR)

Human Qualia (Sentience, Intelligence, and Agency) (HQ)

Gamified Maps of Technologies & Organizations (GMs)

Abundance Impact (AI)

Measured relative impact on Planetary Resources & Human Qualia

Local Technology & Infrastructure Levels (TIL)

Mapped and Organized Levels of Implimented local Infrastructure (Lili)

Opportunities of Abundance(OA):

Hiring Positions of all Companies (HP)

Known Entrepreneurial Technology Opportunities (ETO)

Local Technology & Infrastructure Development Opportunities (TIDO)

When the above levels of measures of abundance promotion are organized, we will be able to give a seal of approval to all technologies and organizations reaching a defined level of influence and will also be able to further incentivize this with gamified measures.

This has massively compounding, and autoupregulating effects that curate the incredible opportunity of a Circular Economy.

This is Abundance!

It is called the APAD because it empowers us to continue having autonomy, but instead of being against ourselves, we are now situated as For Humanity; Synergy.

Potential Ontological Organization

Energy Production:

Hydro, solar, nuclear, tidal, wind, geothermal, Etc…

Biosphere Optimization:

Natural resource accounting

Lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, Sun, Etc…


Desalination, Filtering, Infusion, Etc…

Food Production:

Agricultural automation

Collective Health knowledge Integration

Engineered sustenance



Micro Apartments, shared Living Space, seasteading, Modular/Integrative living spaces, Etc…

Entrepreneurial Potentiation:

SU, Ideas Network, Gamification, Maps, Etc…


Passion gamification

Personal fulfillment

Societal benefit


Health & Security:

Longevity and Qualia optimization (creates knowledge of best case biosphere traits)

Physical and psychological harm reduction and resilience enhancement

(Sentience, Intelligence, Education, Agency)



Data-driven collective decision making


Disaster Resilience:

Existential Risk Mitigation

Earthbound Disasters

Space Intrusions
Disaster Response:


Human Reorientation

Rapid Restructuring Processes

Space stewardship:

Resource collection & Specis Propogation

Planetary Resources, Space X


Arts & Entertainment

Aesthetic Products & Services


In order to have the gamification factor and mapping of constituents, we need a formal organization of ontology/semantics such as the one above; This can, and will, change over time as the system and Humanity evolve to greater levels of abundance and come to value different/greater things;

For example, when we have the nanotechnology revolution in health, our ways of nourishing and caring for our bodies will be radically altered; Potentially alleviating the necessity of consuming food, eventually(of course you can still choose to eat, but your health will not depend on it);

Abundance; The elimination of separate ownership and emergence of a circular economy, through the satisfaction of Humanity’s needs and desires.

Let us build a better drill;

Let us curate abundance, both in our minds, and in our shared reality.

We will soon add & link another page to begin the accumulation of data for each of these categories until an application is curated to account for all factors. (If you would enjoy contributing to the app, or if you can see any other way to contribute, contact us.)

For now;

Relax, a little more;

When you find, your Self;

You will find, your Passion;

And in turn, your Humanity



Major influences of, and gratitude for, this post:

Ryusei Shibaoka

Peter Diamandis

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Global Shapers

World Economic Forum

The End of The Beginning: Ben & Ted Goertzel


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