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Some of the most beautiful things we can come to a greater understanding of in our world are found through the distinctions made within the paradigm of attraction and emergence.

How everything that we value is in a constant state of becoming of higher orders of beauty and complexity; The why, that Consciousness exists and persists.

And, that we are not separate from this.


That this flows in and through us, and all around us, in every interaction and iteration of all there is;

From the lowest known order of complexity, subatomic particles, to the highest, consciousness.

And, that it is all a spectrum of probability; fundamentally indeterministic.



There have been many people in the past who have claimed that the universe can be totally calculated, or that it already is, that everything which is going to happen, somehow, already has, but this view is losing more and more ground for its claims each day;

In 1927 there was an experiment performed called the double slit experiment, which has been repeated many times since that validates the claim of indeterminism through showcasing that the fundamental properties of matter, expanded as a wave or collapsed as particulate, are itself only forged into becoming one or the other by yet another fundamental probability; Absolute Nothingness.


This confirmation, and affirmation, of indeterminism, drives a juicy stake of justice deep into our more traditional, and limiting, notions of scientific analysis paralysis and means that there is a whole new paradigm available for exploration that has expansive and ramifying implications.


Enter Systems Science;


The foundational axioms of systems science state that everything is made of nested systems; Wherein, the relationships between entities are what curate the emergence of more complex, indeterministic, higher-order organization.


This is a relatively new and emerging field that lends itself to an incredibly useful view of the universe as unfolding in and through us;

We will be posting a section on this blog particularly for increasing awareness and understanding of Systems Science and its practical implications for abundance, as well as the occasional deep dive into anthrocomplexity, and its connections to the most relevant sources for learning more; such as ComplexityLabs.


If you desire incredible clarity on the implications, and extraordinary beauty, of emergence, interfaced with our current challenges

Watch: Daniel Schmachtenberger’s Talk on Emergence

Video Topic Summary: The extraordinarily abundant and exciting understanding and implications of the beauty of emergent phenomena in the universe, and how/why the view of abundance separate from other conscious entities and our connection to the universe is a nonsensical claim that translates to psychopathy and collective cognitive dissonance, eventuating as self-termination of humanity through depletion of its resources, and resourcefulness.

I get that this is heavy; but together, we are strong.

For now;

Relax, a little more;

Find your, Self;

Find your, Passion;

Find your Humanity…

Of course, this is the choice of a set of limitless over limited beliefs. One that we all must always be making in the continuum that is being.

This concept can be further explored in Consciousness: The Question and the Answer

For our current efforts to meaningfully reconcile this issue of our collective cognitive dissonance: Abundance Emergence


Stay Tuned,

Stay Inspired,

— Aviel

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