Consciousness: The Question and the Answer

How can we do more than cope with existentialism? How can we come to thrive as an individual, fully aware of, connected to, and acting powerfully on the probability of our limitless potential?

Quality of life is found both internally and externally; to be given and received.

— The Circle of Life

How can it be that humans beings can and have been described through incredible stories as immortal beings of infinite power, and also as simple automatons…

Both Gods, and robots…? How can this be?

The answers are found in the focus and dialectic of being and doing; peace and activity.


Finding and expressing

The supreme value of contemplation, affirmation, and writing should not be overlooked in all of this as they bring into being, something, that which simply was not before.

Contemplation as finding the answers;

Affirmation as building agreement;

Writing as a creative expression…


Being and doing

Finding peace, centering, contemplating, considering, relaxing, these are a fundamentally inextricable part of the value and need for Omniconsideration in the continuation of life as we know it to be, and for what it hopes to become; Fulfilment;

When we get centered and peaceful it gives us more room to find our passion, the creative nature we innately possess. This is found within and through our synergistic Mind and Body and its connection to our Relationships and Environment; Fulfilment;


Additionally, the degree to which we consider what could/should be, desire it to be so, and act on those desires in both action and attraction, is the degree to which we are empowered to receive them as such; Fulfilment.

These notions have deep implications for civilization and the supports of its survival which are being deeply challenged by the complicatedness and anthro-complexity talked about further by Elon Musk as reasoning by analogy rather than first principles and is being spearheaded by Daniel Schmachtenberber at CivilizationEmerging in all its complexity, giving us greater clarity on becoming more considerate; Omniconsideration.


Here, we will focus on foundational understanding and the next best actions such as enhancing our Resourcefulness and connecting to Possibility, so that we can get fully connected, inspired, and come to act awesomely.



The QuAnswer: GodBot?

Psychopharmacology and the psychopharmacological loophole

Psychopharmacology is the direct connection between Mind and Body, Psychology and Biology, Philosophy and Science. Fundamentally it is the nexus of connection Found and Exploited by Biohackers as Neurohacking; Understood and Explored by Jason Silva on his channel Shots of Awe; Clarified and Balanced by Daniel Schmachtenberger in Neurohacker Collective’s Foundational Guide to Neurohacking.

The Psychopharmacological loophole is the Knowing and Understanding which we have that everything we are made up of is foundationally based on nothingsomethingness, and in fact, most of the universe, space, inside you is just that;

Utterly unobservable, completely intangible, totally undecided, nothingsomethingness(Qua Being). Which, leaves a whole lot of room for something incredibly passionate, powerful, worthwhile, awesome, and inspiring to emerge!!!

It is this knowing and understanding of deep nothingness which forms the foundation….. on which you, can and should, powerfully transform, affirm, and act from to bring into being all that is deeply rewarding in fulfillment.


So, to illustrate formally; THE LOOPHOLE;

“A Taxonomy of The Limitless Possibility of Being”

Nothingness: Unobservability

Consciousness as Mind-Body field interactivity/connection; Fields of force: Electromagnetivity, Etc…; Probability of being; Possibility of becoming; “Law of Attraction”; Creative Expression; Chance; Choice…


Organ Systems > Organs
Tissues > Cells

Molecular Assembly

Micro/Marco Molecules

Sub Atomic Particles
Fundamental Particles

Fields of force / Qua-being (Relational spectrum of probability/possibility)

Nothingness: Unobservability


What this illustrates, in an easy to understand format, is the way that we are foundationally in communication with possibility, and that we are an emergence of that;

Incredibility, just waiting to be awoken.

You might say that this discredits the value of Neurohacking and other lifestyle improvements, but try saying that to the guy who got this completely and still died of old age and/or cancer;

Keep your mind open, and your thinking inspired.


Maybe listen to a Disney tune too…

The Lion King – The Circle of Life


For now;

Relax, a little more;

Finding, your Self;

You’ll find, your Passion;

And in turn, your Humanity


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