Abundance Emergence

‘How can we radically optimize the advancement and distribution of the technologies, methodologies, and information that thouroughly satisfy our collective needs and desires?’

So that we may sustain life on earth and beyond, systematically, and simultaniously free people from the uncertianty of their survival, therin opening the cognitive pathways to our innate creative abilities that can further enhance our ability to experience the present moment with authentic peace and pleasure.

The short answer:

Connect all conscious effort to impact and distribute technology that affects the emergence of food, water, shelter, etc, and gamify metrics to generate an economy that has greater biodiversity and human Qualia emerge;


The longer one:

It is true that our technologies are advancing at more rapid a pace than ever before, thanks to Moores law, and that this is the space of both the problem and the solution.

The technologies we are advancing with are simultaneously allowing us to perform exponential technological and informational advancement, as well as resource extraction and generation of entropy, which does not eventuate well on a planet of finite resources. Essential resource depletion & buildup of waste/entropy.

The first step is awareness, next is understanding of implications, and finally is the intelligent actions we can take.


But how can we know if the actions we are taking are truly massive and worthwhile transformations to the phase transition and emergence of the reality we want to see?

A better way to phrase this might be,

“How can we positively affect the emergence of a fundamentally better system?”.

Well, first we should understand the design constraints of such a system, such as having a Circular Economy and Resource Accounting(^+^Space Resource Stewardship^+^) embedded into the economy.

Sustain the old, while simultaneously obsoleting it by the introduction and emergence of a new more User-Friendly system.

Interestingly the same strategy used by big tech companies that survive as talked about in Peter Diamandis’ book: BOLD: Obsolete yourself, or become obsolete.

Or as talked about by Scott Galloway in The Four Horsemen(YouTube: 16m)


Essentially, all issues of coherent interaction come down to a ‘Bandwidth Constraint’, as Elon Musk mentions occasionally.

Why are we are still typing into(tapping on top of) these incredibly fast digital machines with our meatsticks(Fingers)?

(Elon on the race with AI and a solution to this bandwidth constraint)

What is true for all levels of nested systems is that this issue of bandwidth is a fundamental constraint, and for the meantime, while our input in this form of communication may still be limited, it is still possible to

Radically Increase the Value of Communication


through becoming aware of:

what it is we are trying to achieve,


on spaceship earth,


with finite resources and compounding entropy.


Our issue clarified:

We don’t truly know if what we are doing is the highest leverage(best) option, which is potentially uninspiring and also highly inefficient(ENTROPY)!…!…!

Well, that’s annoying…


To show and share the edge of technological possibility,

sustain an abundance of life on earth(and abroad?) systematically,

and simultaneously free people from the uncertainty of their survival, opening the floodgates to our innate creative abilities that can further enhance our ability for omniconsideration…

How can we, as humanity, collaborate on the radical potentiation of technological advancement and local implimentation, in coherence with sustainable abundance?

Enter the merger of education, intelligence, and best next action dynamism:

The Autopoetic Planetary Abundance Disambiguation, or APAD, for short.

Broken into bite-size pieces:

This will begin with the clarification of the rules/constraints, axioms, and categorization/ontological framework of such a disambiguation,

then eventuate as a dynamic platform for radically increasing communication of collective collaborative contributions to the global advancement of accelerating technologies and the local implementation/distribution of that technology.

Abundance FTW! (*For the win*)

For now…

This is how we find our humanity;

This is how we rise to the challenge;

Not among the ruins, but among abundance.


Ascension Orientation

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