Reframing Education

educateHow can we… reframe education to be less about information transfer and more about instilling a sense of passion and interest in what is really possible?

This is a question, phrased slightly differently, “How can I get inspired about what is possible and also learn the things that matter to curate myself as truly useful?”, was one I asked myself, about a year and a half ago, after deciding ultimately that if what I really wanted was to make a positive impact on this world then I was going to have to let our traditional and lagging education go, and begin the journey into discovering my passions, and how to sort through the massive hoards of information that are now available to us through the net.


When one person can get passionate about something, there is a solid chance that other people already have and can become passionate about it also. This was the basis of my transformation and still guides me to a huge degree.


When you take a look, there is actually quite a lot to get excited and passionate about in our society of rapidly advancing technology. The problem then is not necessarily of finding something, but of narrowing down your passion, focusing it.


Recently I heard a talk from a Tao Buddhist on Tao Philosophy and he used this wonderful metaphor for the power of focus:

He began by showing us a beautiful metal plaque that he said had been cut and engraved by his friend’s laser cutter, showcasing the precision of all the cuts, he then proceeded to ask us how much energy(in Watts) that a light bulb used as he held a 60W bulb up in front of us to which we answered “60W!” after which he then asked us how much energy we thought the laser may have used to which we responded anything from 200-10’000W. He then told us that actually, the laser only used 30W but because it was so precisely focused that it was able to accomplish the beautiful cuts it made.

Moral of the story being that focus is a very powerful resource we can utilize, and that there may be more lingering around than we thought at first.


So, how can we focus our energy and passion like a laser?

It is all about the quality of the questions we ask, of course, which determine the quality of our answers.


Learn to ask good questions,

you will get good answers;

Learn to ask great questions,

you will get great answers;

Learn to ask the questions you need answered,

you will get the answers you need;


Learn to ask the questions that no one else is daring enough to,

you will receive the rewards for someone who dared;


Learn to ask the important questions of our humanity,

you will find the important answers for our humanity,

and perhaps more importantly, our passion.

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